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                            Alternate Text Qingdao Jingfan Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

                            Qingdao Jingfan Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd., as a hightech enterprise focusing on the developmentand production of photosensitive materials,has two chemical production basesand two research centers, and the company's products serve the printing fieldand microelectronics field. The company serves the printing field of offsetprinting plate photoresist in the industry's leading position, especially theCTcP offset printing plate photoresist performance advantages are obvious, witha market share of more than 95%. Jingfan is a leading manufacturer ofphotoresist materials for photoresists used in the microelectronics field. Moreover,the company is the only company in China to produce diazo-naphthoquinone based photosensitizersin a full industrial chain with multiple varieties starting from basic rawmaterials. The products have reached the level of similar products abroad andfilled the gaps in China. At present, the company has a professional R&Dand production management team composed of senior R&D engineers and foreignexperts, and the technical R&D covers functional materials in the fields offine chemicals, polymer chemicals and electronic chemicals. The company has 29patents and 118 trademarks, including materials and formula patentsin many sub-application fields such as printing and photoresist, thus buildingthe solid technical strength of jingfan group. The person in charge of the R& D team has won the

                            "12th Five-Year Plan" and "innovativetalents award for printing materials industry" of China Printing andequipment industry Association. The sales territory of the company's productscovers the core plate-making centers of East China,

                            North China,Northeast Chinaand Southwest China, while exporting to many developed countries and regions, andits quality is highly praised. Since its establishment, the company has beenadhering to the development concept of scientific and technological innovationas the drive and industry progress as the mission, and has continuously helpedChina to break through and catch up with the technology in the field of photosensitive materials. In 2016, thecompany's independently

                            developed "highsensitivity positive photophotosensitive composition" won the "Qingdao specialized special new product(technology) certification." At present, the company has passed thecertification of intellectual property management

                            system and quality,Environment and occupational health and safety management system, and has wonthe honors of "Qingdao enterprise technology Center,""Laoshan Gazelleenterprise,""Laoshan excellent enterprise" and so on.